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Spring at the Farm House

Ah, my dear friends! Can you feel it? The days stretching just a bit longer, the cheerful melodies of birds heralding the return of spring. It’s a time of renewal and rebirth, and I’m bubbling over with excitement for what I have to share with you today!

Introducing Spring at the Farmhouse

In this very special post, I’m honored to introduce you to eight remarkable homes, each with its own unique charm. I’m joining forces with a group of incredible women for a “Spring at the Farmhouse” blog hop, and it’s an adventure I’m absolutely thrilled about.

If you’re here because you’ve just visited Sarah from 1915 House, a warm welcome to you! I’m so glad you decided to hop over from her stunning space to ours.

The Joy of Spring

Spring, with its promise of warmth after the long, chilly embrace of winter, brings such joy. Witnessing the first green shoots and buds breaking through the earth fills me with hope. This year, I was particularly eager to usher spring into our home, now that we’ve really settled in and I’ve started to truly find my decorating groove.

Tour Begins at the Front Door

Let’s start our tour right at the front door, welcoming you into our home’s transformed entryway.

– Entryway: Greeting you is a simple, yet striking, wreath made from a loop of faux dogwood tree blossoms. It’s a subtle nod to the season, hanging on our coat closet door.

The heart of our home dates back to 1836, which means each room stands alone, offering its unique canvas for decoration. I’ve grown to love this aspect, allowing for distinct themes and vibes in each space.

– Dining Room: Just to the right of the foyer, step into our dining room. Fresh from a makeover last fall, its light, bright ambiance is the perfect backdrop for spring. The latest additions here are open shelves, adorned with cherished finds and, of course, tulips—because what says spring better than tulips?

A Cozy Spot for Coffee

Continuing through the front entry, let’s grab a cup of coffee and settle in the living room, right by the piano.

– Living Room: The piano, painted a soft gray, now boasts a cluster of daffodils, proving that pianos and fresh flowers are a match made in heaven. The bookshelves have been refreshed with touches of yellow and blue, adding to the room’s spring vibe. And don’t even get me started on how perfect spring pillows look on our pews! Behind the door, fresh succulents soak up the sunshine, reminding me to keep them hydrated!

Thank you, truly, for spending a part of your day with me and welcoming spring into our farmhouse. It’s been a delight having you, and I hope you’ll return. But before you go, why not continue the spring inspiration with a visit to Tracy at Jersey Girl in the South? She’s ready to show you how spring has made its mark in her home.

With all my heart,

And don’t forget, this journey doesn’t stop here. There are more beautiful homes to explore, each with its own story of spring to tell.