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Farmhouse Dining Room Table

Dining Room Transformation at Little by Little Farmhouse

Just like every other corner of Little by Little Farmhouse, our dining room has been evolving. Last fall marked a significant leap forward in its transformation. Initially, I surrounded our table with a diverse collection of chairs, which I found charming for a time. However, a few months ago, I opted for a more uniform look, replacing most of the eclectic chairs with a set of matching black ones. These chairs, though unremarkable and previously painted various colors, seemed right for creating a cohesive aesthetic in the dining room.

The Chair Makeover

The idea to refresh both the chairs and our dining table struck me suddenly. My initial plan was to repaint the existing black chairs until I stumbled upon four chairs for just $15. Despite their worn condition, I saw potential in them, a sentiment my husband agreed with. On Mother's Day, he and our son began the task of stabilizing these newfound treasures.

Prepping and Painting

Having previously used Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint on our living room fireplace, I was eager to employ it again for the chairs. After a thorough cleaning, essential for any paint project but especially these chairs, I began painting. The transformation after just one coat was impressive, highlighting the intricate details, but I aimed for full coverage, resulting in multiple layers of paint.

The Table's Turn

The dining table has its own story, being with us for 16 years and holding countless memories. Although I had sanded and re-stained it five years prior, I hesitated to paint it, recalling the effort that previous makeover required.

Beginning Steps:

  1. Cleaning: Using a diluted Simple Green solution, I prepared the table for painting.
  2. Painting: Choosing Amy Howard One Step Paint in black for its rapid drying time, I applied it to the table, appreciating its smooth application.

Adding Character

Despite the smooth finish, something felt amiss. My affinity for a "chippy" look, indicative of wear and character, was lacking. To achieve this, I used 60-grit sandpaper to distress the table and chairs, revealing the wood beneath and adding the desired patina.

Finishing with Wax

The final step involved waxing to protect and enhance the furniture's appearance. I alternated between Amy Howard at Home Light and Dark Antique Wax, finishing with a buff to a beautiful sheen.

Reflections on the Project

This endeavor reminded me of the importance of staying true to one's decor style. Drawing inspiration from others is fine, but the ultimate measure of a project's success is whether it reflects your personal aesthetic and makes your house feel like a home.

Before and After: The Chairs

To conclude, here's a before and after look at the chairs, symbolizing the journey from overlooked to cherished.

In the end, the project not only transformed the furniture but also reinforced my commitment to creating a space that truly feels like ours.

Are you staying true to your style? I'd love to hear how you're making your space uniquely yours.