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Fall Farmhouse Front Porch

Welcoming Autumn: A Blog Hop

Hello, my sweet friends. Today's post fills me with excitement as I get to share with you five other beautiful homes. These women are incredible, and it's a thrill to join them in "Welcoming Autumn" with a blog hop.

Autumn is a season I deeply adore, serving as a reminder to embrace simplicity and intentionality. The crisp air, warmed by sunlight, and the breathtaking fall colors inspire awe and a sense of grounding.

Our Front Porch Makeover

This year was particularly special as we had just finished painting our farmhouse's exterior over the summer. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase our home while incorporating vibrant autumn hues.

Our porch, a modest addition to our 1836 farmhouse, embodies the philosophy of making the most of what you have. A smaller space, after all, can be just as charming and much simpler to adorn.

Decorating Strategy: Less is More

  • Furniture and Decor: A minimalist approach led the way, with a few key pieces of furniture and seasonal decorations capturing the essence of fall.
  • Color Choices: I opted for black spray paint for the rocking chair and a crate to set a backdrop for the bright yellows to stand out.
  • Morning Retreat: It's become my go-to spot for enjoying a warm morning beverage, surrounded by the peaceful ambiance of fall.

First Dibs on Pumpkins

In a perhaps overly enthusiastic move, I visited my local pumpkin patch on opening day, eager to select white pumpkins for the first time. While orange pumpkins have traditionally set the tone for our fall decor, this year I ventured into new territory. Nonetheless, with three kids at home, the traditional orange carving pumpkins will inevitably make their return.

Bright and Cheerful Mums

The vivid yellow mums were an instant source of joy, perfectly encapsulating the color pop I envisioned for our porch.

Vintage Finds

Last year's discovery of vintage apple barrels for a steal was a highlight. They've proven versatile, finding a place in our home's decor throughout the seasons.

A Simple, Yet Meaningful Wreath

The wreath on our door, understated yet significant, was crafted from grapevines my daughter and I collected and twisted together. It's a testament to the beauty of handmade and natural elements in decor.

Gratitude and Invitations

Thank you, truly, for spending time with me as we welcome fall to our farmhouse. It's been a joy sharing this transition with you, and I hope you'll visit again.

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