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Simple Natural Christmas

Embracing Simplicity: A Natural Christmas Decor

Currently, there's a profound longing within me for simplicity and nature in my Christmas decor. Perhaps it's the recent move stirring these feelings, or maybe it's a newfound realization that less truly can be more. Driven by this desire, I set out to craft a simple and naturally adorned Christmas in our dining room. The outcome? I'm completely enamored. Whether it's the intoxicating aroma of pine needles and dried oranges or the serene dance of candlelight on the windowsill, there's an undeniable warmth and charm to this setup.

If you're here from Kendra's "Christmas I DIYed That" blog hop at Joy in Our Home, welcome! It's wonderful to have you join us. Kendra has such a sweet spirit, doesn't she?

Crafting a Natural Christmas Ambiance

Creating this natural Christmas vibe was surprisingly straightforward. I gathered greenery from our Christmas tree trimmings, oranges from the grocery store, and opted for the classic elegance of simple white candles. For those with artificial trees, fret not; free tree clippings are often available at any Christmas tree sales spot—just ask!

Drying Oranges for Decor

The process of drying oranges is both simple and rewarding. Slice the oranges, blot the moisture with a paper towel, arrange them on a baking sheet, and let them bask in a 225° oven for a few hours. Turning them halfway through ensures even drying. Once done, let them cool on a rack before stringing them into a festive garland.

Not only did I craft a garland from these citrus beauties, but I also nestled them among the greenery on my windowsill, enhancing the natural allure of our dining space.

An Unconventional Advent Wreath

Our Advent "wreath" breaks from tradition, featuring taper candles secured with hot glue in an enamelware bowl, surrounded by a lush ring of greenery. This simple yet profound centerpiece captures the essence of anticipation and reflection that Advent represents.

Natural Color Accents

To cohesively blend the room's aesthetics, I placed a bowl filled with fresh oranges and a sprinkle of pomegranates in the hutch. These vibrant fruits not only complement the dried orange decorations but also add a burst of life and color, tying the entire room together seamlessly.

A Season of Joy and Peace

My hope is that this Christmas, amidst the hustle and bustle, you find a quiet corner of joy and peace, a space where your soul feels at rest. Perhaps, like me, you'll discover that in simplifying your decor, you amplify the essence of the season.

Before you go, I encourage you to continue the "Christmas I DIYed That" blog hop by visiting Leslie at My One Hundred Year Old House. The journey of inspiration and creativity doesn't end here.

Wishing you a serene and blissful Christmas season,